Computer Science

Computer Science, Digital literacy and Information Commination Technology

Digital technologies continue to develop at a relentless pace, permeating all facets of society. We aim to equip pupils with the skills and understanding in order to prepare them for their future. Providing opportunities to receive recognition through a range of qualifications. Empowering pupils to use suitable software and digital tools as creators of digital content, and be discerning about and the information they publish and consume online.

Computer Science at Dean Close Senior School

During the fourth form pupils receive 1 lesson of Computing per week. In this time they are required to apply mathematical reasoning and logic, combined with creativity and digital tools in order to solve problems. They complete a series of practical, project based units, enabling them to develop a range of skills and experiences.

Forth form projects include:

  • Explore Computer Hardware and Software and learn how to code
  • Create you very own game of ‘top trumps’ using Microsoft Access Database
  • Get creative using industry standard productivity applications, such as Adobe Photoshop

For pupils interested in studying Computing at GCSE level, The Cambridge IGCSE in Computer Science is a fascinating, but a challenging introduction to the world of Computing. The syllabus provides pupils with an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and a look at what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. The course will help pupils learn about critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, which can be transferred to other subjects and even applied in day-to-day life.

CIE iGCSE Specification

At A-Level pupils will take a detailed look ‘under the hood’ of computer systems to learn about what really goes on inside those chips and circuit boards. They will investigate the nature and role of software. This will involve pupils taking a practical approach, designing and developing their own software applications using various programming languages including; Python, SQL and JavaScript. Pupils will learn how data is processed, represented and stored by computers, creating algorithms that can be applied to solve computational problems.

OCR A-level Specification

Whether you choose to Study Computer Science at University or not, you will find the practical skills you have developed through the course to be invaluable in supporting further study or careers in Science, Engineering or Mathematics. Pupils have gone on to study courses in Artificial intelligence, Software engineering and Business management and IT.

As part of the enrichment programme of study in the sixth form, pupils have the opportunity to gain Certification using Microsoft and Adobe productivity software, or study towards the ECDL. These qualifications are valued by employers and universities, demonstrating competency using digital applications.


Pupils are based in Computer suites which are especially equipped to facilitate the delivery of the course. Pupils are able to access Software and files using the Dean Close School networked PC’s, remote access via the Internet is also available. A selection of microcontrollers and associated kits will be made available for possible use in A-level projects or co-curricular activities.

Enrichment and Extension

Pupils have the opportunity to extend or explore interests in Computer Science beyond the curriculum during MAA. They are able to pursue interests in areas such a robotics, using an range of microcontrollers, including micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms developer kits. Experience Drone racing, Virtual Reality and participate in departmental visits, including University Computer Science departments and The Cheltenham Science Festival.

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