At Dean Close pupils are able to study Drama at GCSE level. The IGCSE Drama course (Cambridge) is designed to introduce and develop a wide range of dramatic skills, an understanding of theatre and genres and acting techniques and subsequently to explore and test dramatic skills through textual analysis, workshop and performance. The grander ambition in a broader sense is that candidates will learn will enhance self-confidence, imagination, teamwork and essential life-skills in a wider forum as pupils go out into higher education, the workplace and the world. The course will involve seeing live productions, and we aim to offer as wide a variety of theatrical experience as we can by seeing both internal productions at School, along with visits to professional theatre – for example, the RSC, the National Theatre, and local excellent theatres in Cheltenham, Bath, Malvern and elsewhere, depending on repertoire and availability. If pupils are able to come to the annual Close Up visit to the Edinburgh Festival, this offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience all kinds of theatre.

The examination specifically encourages:

  • developing their performance skills, both individually and in groups
  • understanding the role of actor, director and designer in creating a piece of theatre • considering ways in which ideas and feelings can be communicated to an audience
  • discovering the performance possibilities of plays and other dramatic stimuli
  • devising dramatic material of their own.

For further information, please refer to the GCSE Curriculum Handbook.

Anyone considering IGCSE Drama as an option is advised to discuss their potential for success in the subject with the Director of Drama at the earliest opportunity. This may involve being auditioned for the subject.