Up to the end of Year 11 (Fifth Form), Mathematics is a compulsory, core part of all pupils’ education.

In the Fourth Form (Year 9) most pupils reinforce and consolidate the work they have done at Common Entrance or Key Stage 3. There is an emphasis at this on understanding the core algebraic principles that underpin all Mathematics.

The pupils in Fourth Form Set 1 start the two year International GCSE (IGCSE) course a year early. This is fast moving and often a challenging route and only those determined to reach for the highest grade will be able to keep up. At the end of Year 10, Set 1 sit the IGCSE. In Fifth Form (Year 11) they go onto study OCR’s free standing Mathematics qualification – Additional Mathematics. This course is an excellent preparation for those who wish to study “Double” Maths in the Sixth Form.

The other sets start the IGCSE at the end of the 4th Form and it is from these pupils that the majority of our A level Mathematics pupils emerge. The IGCSE course provides a stable curriculum that is an excellent preparation for Mathematics A level. The IGCSE includes differential calculus, functions and set theory. Pupils are allowed to use calculators for all topics.

In the Sixth Form we teach the Edexcel A level Maths and Further Maths courses. Maths A level is taught over 14 periods a fortnight; Further Maths is allocated 23 periods a fortnight. Results are usually excellent. A level Mathematics is the most popular choice for DCS sixth formers. We normally have about twice as many pupils compared with the next most popular department. Our pupils (and their parents) are fully aware that Mathematics A level is vital for a huge range of worthwhile degrees. These include Engineering, all the sciences, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Finance. In fact, Maths is accepted as being a qualifying A level by all university departments.

Twice weekly clinics are run in order to support pupils of all abilities. For those pupils wanting to study Maths at prestigious universities, the Department helps pupils prepare for the demanding STEP (Sixth Term Entrance Papers).

For more information please email Pete Garner, Head of Mathematics

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