Religious Studies

Religious Studies engages with the great questions of meaning, purpose and justice that have intrigued humans in all civilisations; it does so by exploring, critiquing and learning from the diverse religious and philosophical traditions that have emerged in response to these questions. It is believed that through learning about a wide range of perspectives, we can better understand others, hold our own beliefs up to scrutiny and confidently apply those views to the burning issues of our day. GCSE Religious Studies greatly enhances pupils’ ability to think critically about an issue and be able to express an informed point of view both verbally and on paper. The main advantages of Religious Studies is that it prepares you for life with the tools for thinking critically about the big questions raised by religious and philosophical claims and ethical decision making. It is also excellent preparation for: A Level Social Sciences (Law, Sociology and Psychology), A Level Religious Studies, History and English, jobs that appreciate the skills that Religious Studies develops, such as medicine, the Police, the Armed Forces and the caring professions.


The Department seeks undertake various enrichment trips during the year including:

  • Places of Worship Trip in the Trinity Term (a visit to Bristol or Birmingham to experience a Mosque, Gurdwara and Buddhist Temple.)
  • Visit to A Level Conference (Peter Vardy, Ethics and Philosophy).
  • Revision sessions with other schools.
  • Visiting Speakers (including A Level examiners and religious practitioners)


Fourth Form (Year 9):

Introduction to Religion, What is it to be Human?, The Problem of Evil, Buddhism and an Introduction to Ethics

GCSE (2 Year Full Course):

OCR J625

Beliefs and teachings & Practices (Christianity and Islam) and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in the Modern World from a Christian Perspective.

Year 1: Christianity, Families and Relationships, Existence of God and Religion, Peace and Conflict.

Year 2: Islam and Dialogue between religious and non-religious beliefs and attitudes.

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