At Dean Close Senior School, the Science Department is a vibrant and dynamic place to study, consisting of 9 fully equipped laboratories and 11 science teachers.

During the ‘GCSE and GCE years’ all teaching will be done by a subject specialist with years of experience within their discipline.

In year 9 all pupils will be taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects and will have the following options at the end of year 9:

  • Fast Track Science – This will consist of the Triple Award Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate IGCSE subjects, leading to 3 IGCSE qualifications) taught in fewer lessons to enable the choice of an additional GCSE subject of their choice.
  • Triple Award Science – This is all three science subjects as separate IGCSEs, leading to 3 IGCSE qualifications, being taught in more lessons than the Fast Track.
  • Dual Award Science – This consists of a smaller amount of all 3 science subjects, leading to the award of 2 IGCSE qualifications.

At Dean Close Senior School we follow the Edexcel International GCSE syllabus, not the GCSE courses offered by state schools as we feel that these offer a better preparation for ‘A’ level science courses.

The way that our option system works means that every child will be taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics up to and including year 11 and doing Dual Award Science doesn’t preclude a pupil from taking any of the sciences forward into ‘A’ levels.