In A level and GCSE Economics you’ll look at the fundamental issues that shape the modern world, such as economic growth, employment, prices, globalisation, poverty and inequality. Economists are often in healthy debate with each other over these issues. It is this controversy which makes Economics lively and interesting and which allows you the opportunity to make your own judgements and form your own opinions.

Through the use of simple mathematical models, we seek analyse the impact of decisions made by individuals, business organisations and governments, in order to consider how best to deploy the economy’s scarce resources.

Whilst we are delighted to offer the GCSE in Economics, there is no requirement to have studied GCSE Economics in order to study A level Economics. Whilst GCSE students will take forward a welcome grounding in the key theory, all topics will be introduced at A level from the ground up.

GCSE Economics

We follow the AQA syllabus to provide a seamless transition to the AQA A level course and because we believe it offers a modern and relevant introduction to the subject.

The core syllabus includes 11 topics

How markets work ~ Microeconomics:

  1. Economic foundations
  2. Resource allocation
  3. How prices are determined
  4. Production, costs, revenue and profit
  5. Competitive and concentrated markets
  6. Market failure

    How the economy works ~ Macroeconomics:

  7. Introduction to the national economy
  8. Government objectives
  9. How the government manages the economy
  10. International trade and the global economics
  11. The role of money and financial markets

How will I be examined in GCSE Economics?

There are two assessments of equal weight, each lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes. These assessments contain a mix of multiple choice, calculations, short and extended answer questions.

For further detail on the precise contents of the course please click on the following link to the exam board specifications.

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