Dean Close School welcomes international pupils to all year groups, many of whom arrive in Remove (Year 10) to begin the GCSE programme. We recognise that pupils arrive with different levels of English and the English Language Training (ELT) team works closely with subject teachers to provide appropriate language support for pupils to achieve good grades at GCSE level.

Academic support

The ELT department prides itself on its flexibility and dedication to individual needs. Students for whom English is a second language are assessed during the first couple of weeks after arrival to identify particular language strengths and weaknesses. Each pupil has an individual programme of ELT and we monitor progress to ensure they are on track and able to access the curriculum fully. We are able to offer a high level of flexibility and offer support in a range of ways:

• Small group / individual lessons*

• Subject-specific ELT study sessions

• A minimum of three GCSE Extra English ELT lessons per week timetabled to replace Modern Foreign Language lessons

• Additional individual ELT sessions arranged at any point during the school year

• A drop-in ELT Study Centre open at lunchtimes and after lessons for exam preparation, vocabulary / grammar exercises, academic support and wider reading

• Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced English, IELTS Skills and Trinity ISE I & II exam preparation

NB* Some courses may incur an additional fee In Remove and Fifth Form, pupils attend GCSE Extra English ELT lessons where they develop skills to pass GCSE English Language. Please note that achieving a pass in English Language (“C” grade) is a minimum requirement for university in the UK and increasingly many universities require a higher grade.

Pastoral Support in our International Community

The ELT department also provides advice and mentoring for our international pupils. One of our main aims is to facilitate integration into the school community and help pupils achieve an all-round education. Working with subject teachers and boarding houses, we develop pupils’ self-confidence and competence in English, so they settle quickly and enjoy all aspects of school life. The Overseas Induction Weekend All new pupils are encouraged to attend the Overseas Induction Weekend prior to the start of the academic year in order to familiarise themselves with the school and to meet key members of staff. This opportunity provides pupils with a positive and confident start. For details of current additional charges for language support outside timetabled ELT sessions, parents and guardians of international pupils are invited to visit the school website.

(*Please note: whilst we endeavour to accommodate individual preferences, due to timetable constraints it is not always possible for parents /guardians to choose teaching group sizes. Depending on level of English, some courses may form a compulsory part of an offer or a place).