Senior Christian Ethos

Dean Close School was built on an Evangelical Christian foundation of the Church of England, and this is still very much lived out in much of who we are and what we do as a School.

This is seen most obviously in the way that at Dean Close we value every person, regarding them as uniquely created and loved by God; we seek to provide an environment and opportunities where everyone can explore what this means, primarily discovering the gifts that God has given them within a safe and happy environment. It also means that if pupils wish, they can both question Christianity as well as grow in their own faith in God through the many Christian activities, both formal and informal, that Dean Close provides.

The School places great value on the work of the chaplaincy, having a full time Chaplain, The Revd John Ash, who oversees the chaplaincy work in all parts of Dean Close School, and two Assistant Chaplains. They are ably assisted by a ‘Chaplaincy Team’ , a group of other Christian teachers who help in the teaching and pastoral work of the chaplaincy.

The Chaplain and his team work to give all pupils the opportunity to explore the Christian faith, as well as being another strand in the pastoral support of pupils.

If pupils so wish there are many opportunities at Dean Close for them to find out what it means to be a follower of Jesus for themselves and grow in their faith. Either through the programme of chapel services, the thriving Christian Union, House Bible Studies, Alpha or the annual Confirmation course or the Growing Leaders Course. Every Lent term we also hold a School Mission known as the Lent Adresses, where we run, with a visiting team, a whole host of different events for people to come along and hear about Chrisitanity from different people in different ways.

Whether you are a Christian or not, the School’s Christian ethos is one of its treasured assets.

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