“The doughnuts at CU are great… but I have also enjoyed getting to know other people and being encouraged in my beliefs.”

The Christian Union at Dean Close School is a thriving and vibrant group. Each week 40-50 students from across the year groups attend our main meeting.

CU is led by pupils and exists as a place for the young people to come and explore what it means to be a Christian in our world today, to grow in their understanding of the Bible, and to encourage each other to live their lives for Jesus and share the Gospel with others.

We meet every Wednesday and enjoy a mixture of worship led by students, bizarre games and usually a talk or session led by either a visiting speaker or one of the Chaplaincy team.

As well as the weekly meetings, special events are held throughout the year including: the CU Houseparty, The Sixth Form Houseparty, the CU Christmas dinner and the Lent Addresses, which are greatly enjoyed by all.

“It was great to get away from school and have a different perspective and take a new look at what the Bible says. The fact that a Jacuzzi and sauna were available on the weekend away was also a great addition!” LUCY – ABOUT THE 6TH FORM HOUSE PARTY


At Dean Close our school motto is ‘God’s Word, A Guiding Light’ and to that end we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and what it has to say to us today.

The weekly Bible studies in each house as a more informal way for pupils to get hands on with the Bible, to explore the Bible together, to ask questions and to pray in a much smaller group than the Christian Union.

The Bible Study groups attract people who would class themselves as Christians and want to grow in their faith, but also those who are just interested in asking questions about Christianity or exploring the claims of the Bible.


After Easter we hold our annual Confirmation Service which is always a very special occasion in the Dean Close calendar. Leading up to the confirmation day, the Chaplain takes the pupils through an 11 week course, exploring what it means to be a Christian, culminating in a celebration meal the night before the service.

Testimonies of Pupils confirmed in recent years……

“Since moving to Dean Close, I have been more aware of Christianity and have gained a lot more knowledge about Jesus and the Bible through the Alpha course, TGI’s, visits to Trinity Church, CU weekend away and house Bible Studies. These things along with the friends I have met along the way have helped me make my decision to confirm my faith.”

“I decided to go on the confirmation course so that I could learn more about God and His ways. And now by being confirmed if feels like my relationship with him is strengthened and I would really encourage others to explore the Christian Faith.”

“My Christian journey began two years ago after going to TGI Wednesday. Since becoming a Christian I have realised that Jesus is always present in my life and I look forward to confirming my trust and belief in Him.”



This is a course for committed Christians to explore more of what it means to be a Christian, and to lead in a Christ like way within the contexts that they find themselves. Whether that is as captain of a sports team or a prefect, in their local churches or in Christian groups in school.

Growing leaders is run over two terms and the group meets every two weeks with the Chaplain and her team. The course is valued very highly by the whole School community.

“We learnt about our SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences) and we examined what it means to have a Christian Character and to work in a team. The course was both challenging and encouraging but it helped massively that we were fed cake at every session!” Jamie

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