‘In our Dean Close community, we see it as a privilege to share what we have with our Ugandan friends. We therefore seek to put on regular events to raise funds. Primarily, this happens through the ‘Uganda Group’, which meets to plan and organise the fundraisers. It is incredible to see that whether it’s a big fashion show or a simple bake sale, the school community are willing to support and the donations that reach our link school really do make a difference. In the past we have contributed towards building classrooms, dormitories and a laboratory, and buying books, science equipment and sports equipment. Every penny counts!’

Last year the Uganda Group staged a successful Golf Day  as well as cake sales and mufti days.

If you would like to make a donation to the Dean Close Uganda Appeal, please contact

Virtual Bike Ride from Cheltenham to Nyakatukura

In March 2020, David Evans, our Director of External Relations and also Uganda Link Coordinator, began the approximately 10,000km journey from Dean Close to Ibanda, where our Link School is located in SW Uganda. Counting his steps on walks or every kilometre covered on an exercise bike in his garage at home(!), he is charting his way from Cheltenham to the Channel Tunnel, from Calais in northern France to Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain, and then (by far the longest leg) from Tangiers in Algeria through Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo to Ibanda in Uganda. He is currently just over halfway, having crossed over ‘virtually’ from Algeria to Niger!

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