In our Dean Close community, we see it as a privilege to share what we have with our Ugandan friends. We therefore seek to put on termly events to raise funds. Primarily, this happens through the ‘Uganda Group’ , which meets weekly to plan and organise the fundraisers. It is incredible to see that whether it’s a big fashion show or a simple bake sale, the school community are willing to support and the donations that reach our link school really do make a difference. In the past we have contributed towards building classrooms, dormitories and a laboratory, and buying books, science equipment and sports equipment. Every penny counts!’

Last year the Uganda Group staged a successful Revue in the Bacon Theatre, for the second year running, focusing on a theme of colours. Acts throughout the evening offered a variety of entertainment ranging from Freddie Pearce performing the Pink Panther on the piano, to Close Harmony singing Blue Moon. The evening culminated in an exciting dance routine and fashion show. The event was highly productive and raised a lot of money for the Uganda charity. The Uganda Group of 2013/2014 are now working on the ideas for the next Revue in Lent term.

They are also in the initial stages of planning a 10 year anniversary ball. The Group want to celebrate the 10 year anniversary by inviting Old Decanians of past trips, sponsors of Roc and donators to a ball that will show the progression of the link along the ages. The evening’s entertainment is likely to include a silent auction, raffle, three-course meal and jazz band.

If you would like to make a donation to the Dean Close Uganda Appeal, or attend one of our events, please contact – we would love to hear from you!