Reaching Orphans for Care

Reaching Orphans for Care – ROC – is an orphan sponsorship scheme through which pupils, friends and families of Dean Close support over 80 children in primary, secondary and tertiary education in Uganda. Currently, ROC sponsors 28 children at Ibanda Integrated, Nyakatukura and Bufunda primary schools, 16 pupils at Nyakatukura and Citizens secondary schools, and 21 students at either a university or a further education institution. ROC has a full time pastoral worker, Danson Twinomugisha, whose responsibility is to meet up regularly with all the school children sponsored to ensure that they are receiving essential holistic care. The children’s needs are assessed, through home visits by Danson and meetings with their guardians, to ensure that those with the greatest needs are being sponsored. All children sponsored would otherwise be unable to pay the fees and would therefore not be able to attend school.

If you have any questions or would like more information about ROC, please do not hesitate to contact David Evans at


There are four different types of sponsorship with ROC:

Primary Day Schoolchild – currently* £50 a year (plus Gift Aid). Sponsorship covers all scholastic materials including books, pens, pencils as well as personal items such as shoe polish, toothpaste, underwear, sanitary products, bag of beans etc. There are 7 year groups (Primary 1, or P1, to P7) and a pupil’s year group is dependent on their level of previous study, meaning that pupils’ ages vary in each year group.

Secondary Boarding Schoolchild – currently* £400 a year (plus Gift Aid). Sponsorship covers all academic fees, including boarding costs, as well as all scholastic materials and personal items. There are 6 year groups (Senior 1, or S1, to S6). O levels are taken at the end of S4 and the decision is taken by the ROC co-ordinator whether to proceed to A levels (based on the national examination O level results) or to move to a vocational further education institution instead. The cost of funding a student through sixth form is the same as that of a secondary boarding school child.

Student in Further Education Institution or University at a range of different locations near Ibanda – currently between £300 and £1,500 (plus Gift Aid) depending on the type of institution or university. These students will always have been at Nyakatukura for the first 4 years of their secondary education and contact will be made with sponsors as soon as the ROC Committee decide that further education elsewhere is the best way forward to see whether continued sponsorship is possible for the original sponsor.

General Donation – alternatively, you can make a general donation to ROC of any amount and at any time. This will be used to pay for sponsored children when sponsors for whatever reason do not want to continue, the wages of our ROC administrator in Uganda, and to cover any extra costs for the children (i.e. medical or transport expenses).

*We try to keep these prices at a stationary level. However, due to high inflation in Uganda the prices may increase every two or three years. We will endeavour to give plenty of warning if the ROC sponsorship cost is to increase.

Primary ROC students at IPS

Secondary ROC students at NMSS
Sponsorship usually begins in January (the beginning of the academic year in Uganda) so we ask that you make your donation in October, November or December to ensure that we have all the money ready for the start of the year. You can donate either by setting up a Standing Order with your bank, instructing it to transfer your requested amount on 1st October, 1st November, or 1st December of every year, or alternatively, you can pay by cheque every year, made payable to Dean Close School. There is also the opportunity of paying in instalments throughout the year. Please do make contact if you’d like more information about this option. Please ensure that you Gift Aid your donation by completing the form below and return it to Dean Close as well, if you are a UK tax payer. Gift Aid makes up a considerable amount of the overall sponsorship money.
If you make a Standing Order, please return a photocopy to David Evans at Dean Close School, Shelburne Road, Cheltenham, GL51 6HE. The Bursary will then keep this for their records to check against bank transfers.


There are many benefits of being a very small sponsorship scheme. Most importantly, your sponsorship money goes straight to the individual you are supporting.

One of the disadvantages, however, is that we cannot always guarantee regular contact between yourself and the child you sponsor. We’d welcome you to write to them and they are encouraged to write back. Danson often helps the children to write a letter when he visits them and he e-mails the letters together at the start and end of every term, but this correspondence can sometimes be sporadic and unreliable.

We will try to keep you updated with how the scheme is going and inform you of all the details received about the children but unfortunately we cannot guarantee individual contact to the extent you might expect from a larger sponsorship organisation. Please take this into account before signing up to be a sponsor with ROC.

We aim to inform you with plenty of warning if the child you sponsor is to progress to the next stage in their education, and to ask you whether you wish to continue sponsoring. Unfortunately, sometimes a child leaves the sponsorship scheme for some reason (e.g. moving home to another part of Uganda, having to leave school) and we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible. However, we may not be informed until after some delay. This can be frustrating for all parties, especially if some sort of contact has been established.

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