The BonBernard Gallery was buzzing on Friday evening for our very own Head of Art, Caroline Evans’, exhibition ‘ Serendipity’. The exhibition showcases photography, painting, video and mixed media and staff, parents, pupils and friends of Dean Close were all blown away by Caroline’s stunning pieces.

Caroline found inspiration for her works in everyday visual experiences, seeking out and extracting serendipitous and momentary phenomena most often within nature. She looks for transient designs of positive and negative space and abstracted compositions which she then captures, in the first instance, through photography.  These photographs form the basis of her physical exploration of extracted shapes, patterns and textures in a range of media that she applies in an experimental and expressive manner then seeks to replicate the randomness of occurrence and sense of layering that one often experiences through nature. Through her paintings she has attempted to create a sensory experience for the viewer which aims to incorporate surface; effects of light and the passage of time.

Caroline says: “The process has taught me a lot about who I am as a teacher and an artist and how my two professional identities overlap, interconnect; inspire and support each other.”

All are warmly welcome to view the exhibition in the BonBernard Gallery until 8th February.