Last weekend Sixth Formers were joined by Lt Colonel Simon Mason who came to speak to them at the Francis Bacon Society Dinner. Lt Col Mason is in charge of the OTC at Oxford University and his uncle, Gareth Noot, is an OD who was in Tower House (with Mike Girling as his Housemaster and Douglas Graham his Headmaster). Gareth was a Commander in the Marines and was an instrumental character during The Falklands War.

In his after dinner speech, Simon told his young audience that he had dropped out of school at A levels to join the army where he learnt to fly and was involved in Afghanistan. He spoke about being able to adapt to wherever life takes you and to make the most of all your opportunities. Although he regrets messing up his A levels he is very happy in his job now and hopes to spend many more years in the Army, enthusing about a career in the Services. Boys who are interested in a career within the Army found his visit especially interesting and made the most of it by having lengthy chats with him after dinner.

Lt Colonel Simon Mason is the latest in a series of inspirational speakers, including Cath Kidston, Formula One Commentator Tom Clarkson and OD Tom Riding.