Early in the new school year, the Lower Sixth Form were taken off to the wilds of Oxfordshire for 24 hours of team building. They arrived at their destination, apprehensive not only about the tasks ahead but also the weather. Although the sun shining, they quickly found themselves slipping and sliding through the thick and never-ending mud into the wilderness, where they were soon surrounded by forest. They were then put into ‘tribes’ and assigned a brilliantly enthusiastic tribe leader who helped and guided them into tasks such as making our own shelter for the night. There were games such as ‘follow the lantern’ , playing in the dusk, and then it was time to curl up in sleeping bags and crash out for the night. One camper remarked that having had a cup of hot chocolate, the thought of sleeping outside in the woods didn’t seem so daunting. The next day was full of activities such as learning to catch and trap animals, a health and safety course and a course on how to make your own fire and cook food from it. Not only were these exercises interesting and informative but they also brought the ‘tribes’ together and was a good opportunity to meet and talk to new people.