The Year 3 classrooms were alive with beasties, bugs and other exotic animals from the rainforest, as they welcomed rainforest expert and explorer, Paul Carpenter for the day.

Dressed in their best jungle costumes, pupils from Year 3 spent the day with Paul learning about life in the rainforest. Using different animals the workshop took the children through the various levels of the rainforest, starting at the floor where all number of creatures live, including the ‘cleaners’ who are responsible for taking care of the rainforest floor by eating the rotting wood, leaves and fruit. Then they explored the creatures that live in the under story, such as the tree frog, before finishing their journey in the hidden world of the tree top canopy.

Throughout the day the children also had the opportunity to look at some rainforest artefacts such as, a fish tooth, crocodile and python skin, palm oil, cocoa beans and an armadillo handbag! The class had to choose one artefact and make a close study of it and draw a still life. The drawings were fantastic!

“It was really interesting to hear about some of Paul’s travels. The children were really engaged and asked some brilliant questions such as, ‘What was the biggest spider you’ve ever seen?’,  ‘Have you ever had a creature named after you? (The answer was yes!)’ and ‘What was your favourite adventure?’ Fantastic!” said Mrs Matthews, Year 3 Teacher.

“Rainforest day was very fun because we got to touch animals we had never seen before!”  said Noah Chatterton Y3.