On Friday 2nd March, Dean Close Prep School was hit by Storm Emma and the Beast from the East.
When we arrived at school we found a beautiful carpet of snow covering all the fields. About half of
the School had managed to make it in and almost all the staff. Lessons went on as normal but games
was cancelled and after lunch we had a huge snowball fight.

Unfortunately, the snow was not the best for making snowballs. However, when the Headmaster, Mr
Moss, organised the ‘corridor of doom’ lots of us managed to prepare some good snowballs; teachers
had to run or walk down a ‘corridor’ of pupils whilst being pelted with snow! It was great fun.

School was cancelled the next day so Saturday was an extra Exeat for Years 6 to 8 which was great
and lots of us used the extra day off as a chance to go sledging on the hills. When we came back to school on the Monday it was as if it hadn’t snowed at all, everywhere was back to normal.

Year 8 had their trial Common Entrance exams a few weeks ago. This week the Science Department organised for us to have a planetarium show in the Centenary Hall. The presenter was really interesting and knew a huge amount about the universe. He showed us where various constellations were like Orion’s Belt, the Plough and the Big Dipper. It was amazing to see them so clearly. We had the chance to ask questions and it was amazing to hear how huge the solar system is.