This term, Lower Sixth geographers set off on the annual Snowdonia trip to learn more about the topics covered in the classroom and to comprehend the real-life scale of the geographical features studied.

Their first stop was Bewdley, a small town on the River Severn, where they learnt how flooding has affected the town and the people that live there. The geographers even got a chance to listen to some interesting folk music as they walked down the river. At the next stop they had the chance to view some cirques before heading on to the Royal Victoria Hotel in Lianberis, where the group were greeted by a three course meal. The following day, the Sixth Formers headed down to Criccieth where, despite the windy and wet weather, they learnt about the town’s sea defences. They then carried on to Porthmadog to explore some physical coastal features and analyse the differences in the beach material and structure of all of the beaches they have visited. After this, they finally reached the mountains of Snowdonia itself, where the group visited Cwm Idwal and the stunning surrounding landscape it offered. Some walked around the entire cwm, whilst others climbed over the back wall and down the other side again in a very wet three hour long walk. This involved a lot of clambering up the back wall, and a slippery walk back down again on the other side due to the typical Welsh rain. Congratulations to the very few who managed to stay upright for the whole walk down! It was definitely a walk worth doing, as there is a fantastic view of theCwm Idwal from the top.

The final day involved leaving the hotel, and the free Wi-Fi, to follow the course of a river from its upper course into its lower course, with some fortunately sunny weather. A very impressive view of the Nant Ffrancon Valley could be seen, which showed everyone the grand scale of the case study that they are learning about in the classroom. Overall it was a great trip, and one that everyone enjoyed, even if they did complain about the weather.