Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, several aliens, spacemen and a great many astronauts and scientists landed at Pre-Prep to experience a spectacularYear Two Space Wow Day, as part of this term’stopic – space!
Throughout the dayYear Twopupils took part in a space scavenger hunt, finding out the answers to a selection of space questions, they made space passports, learnt about meteorites and enjoyed making an astronaut model.

Throughout theterm pupils have been learning all about space, some of the highlights have included
researching information about the Solar System and learning about the history of space exploration.
Later in the term pupils will journey to Bristol to visit the Planetarium at ‘At-Bristol Science Centre’.

Headmistress, Dr Carolyn Shelley said,“Our aim is to make learning as vibrantand stimulating as we
can, this is a wonderful way to underline that learning is exciting. Everyone had a wonderful day and it
is clear that the children have learnt some amazing new space facts and enjoyed sharing them!”