Everyone was very excited to welcome Michael Morpurgo, third British Children’s Laureate 2003-2005 to this year’s speech day.Some of his best loved titles include War Horse, the Butterfly Lion and Private Peaceful.Mrs Lawrence and the cast of Private Peaceful were delighted Michael watched scenes from the children’s play they had staged earlier in the year. He then gave the cast a lesson in how to take a bow, explaining that they must bow at least 90 and stay down for the count of one rhinoceros, two rhinoceros, three rhinoceros to maximise levels of applause and if they could squeeze a forth in, that wouldn’t be a bad thing!

An enchanting personality, he entertained children and adults alike with a moving speech about the benefits of challenging ourselves. Sharing personal childhood memories to demonstrate how, when he was most afraid, he took a chance and scored a valuable try as a small 8yro scrum half.

Everyone wasenthralled when Michael sang an unaccompanied solo of the song “Barley Corn”, a song taken from the stage performance of War Horse. What an absolute privilege to have Michael with us on Speech Day, a treasured memory for us all to keep for years to come.

Whilst the weather was glorious and there was much excitement, we also said a fond farewell to Roger Jones our interim Headmaster and his wife Sue. Roger inspired us all with his speech using the letters DCPS to demonstrate the values of determination, confidence, personality and success – four qualities that encapsulate Dean Close Prep School Community. The Prep school has benefited enormously from Roger’s leadership and experience. Highly professional he has offered a wise, gentle and firm hand over this last year and will be missed. We wish him and his wife all the very best for the future.