22The lovely weather this term held for our annual Sports Day and excited Pre-Prep children gathered by the athletics track ready to start their events. Delighted family and friendscheered all of the children on whilst theyhad a fantastic afternoon,participating with great enthusiasm in a variety of races, including the traditionalsprinting, bean bagand sack races.

This year there were also some unusual races – such as the ‘Space’ rac’ which featured aliens in their ‘space ships’ (a hoop!) and a seaside race – complete with buckets, sunhats and sunglasses!

Finally, in the Year Two ‘Cheltenham’ race, the children rode their horses, collected a ‘pigeon’ (as they are claimed to have discovered the spa water here in Cheltenham!) and then had to collect water from a bucket and carry it to the measuring cylinders at the end of the track. The winning team was the one with the most water in the cylinder. It was a super race to finish, demonstrating teamwork and accuracy, rather than speed!
The afternoon finished with a wonderful tea on Wilton lawn in the sunshine!sport1