In the last week of the Lent Term pupils welcomed parents, friends and family to a Spring Festival of fabulous singing, poetry reading and music making.

The ‘Singing Squirrels’ opened the concert singing ‘For God so loved the World’, demonstrating their wonderful talent at such a young age as they sang a two part harmony.

Pupils aged just two and three years old then took to the stage, some for the first time, and wowed the audience with ‘Chick, chick, chicken’ – the audience especially enjoyed their actions! The older children then performed two contrasting songs – the peaceful ‘We’ve been waiting’ featuring hibernating animals waking up, followed by the lively song ‘Spring is Springing’ which got everyone’s toes tapping!

Accompanied by
violinist, Sammy Bradley, aged 6 years old, the children
sang the Japanese song ‘Sakura’ about cherry blossom. They then
performed a poem called ‘Chickens’ which was delightful and very
clearly spoken. The penultimate performance was a dance to the
well-known song ‘Mr Blue Skies’, complete with umbrellas which
had the audience thoroughly entertained.

Finally, the entire school finished with an egg-stravaganza singing
‘Spring in my toes’. Dr Carolyn Shelley explained, “All the children
loved performing to family and friends and impressed everyone
with their confidence and enthusiasm. It was a wonderful way to end the
term and celebrate this special time of year.”