It is lovelyto finally seesome bulbs bursting into flower and know that spring is just around the corner! In my most recent ‘Challenge of the Week’ I set a ‘Science and Nature’ challenge in response to the first day of spring– to identify and draw some spring flowers. This time of year is exciting and I was very happy to be able to set this task for the children to do at home.

Challenge of the Week is an initiative which I started last year to continue to underline our Pre-Prep message that learning is exciting. Children are naturally so inquisitive, wanting to discover and find out more about the world around them and so at Pre-Prep we want to do all we can to harness this natural wonder and eagerness to explore. Challenge of the Week is an optional activity – but very popular indeed and each week many children can be found posting their answers into the Challenge of the Week answer box!

I believe it is so important for children to feel positive about challenges, to enjoy trying to complete them and to feel a sense of achievement in their own endeavours, especially if they have found it a little tricky to begin with. Perseverance and determination are two importantpositive values which can be emphasised through this process along with creativity and thinking skills!

As we look forward to our spring holiday and Easter, I know that our little Squirrels will enjoy getting out and about, discovering and learning about new things. Why not set them some achievable challenges over the holidays? I will look forward to hearing all about them when they return on April 19th!