Pre-Prep pupils enjoyed a wonderful whole school Creative Arts Day on Wednesday 18th September in beautiful autumn sunshine.  The whole day was dedicated to a wide range of creative activities both outside and inside school, organised by Art Co-ordinator Mrs Winchcombe, and involved every child from age 2 years to Year Two pupils!

The day was set aside to underline our creative curriculum at DCPPS and enable our pupils to enjoy many wonderful experiences in different settings.  All children got their creative juices flowing by painting to music, sculpting clay models on the lawn outside using natural resources, interpreting different musical styles and creating dances with ribbons (with Mrs Bowen), and using percussion instruments.  Pupils also had opportunities during the day in their classrooms to link further creative activities to their year group topic – including creating prehistoric landscapes complete with dinosaurs in Year Two and many different ‘knight’ activities in Year One!

Dr Shelley said, “It was a fantastic day, enabling children to express themselves creatively and enjoy themselves using a wide variety of materials and styles.  Developing creativity is so important and we certainly enjoyed nurturing and celebrating it on Wednesday!”