Congratulations to Sixth Form pupil, Hunyi Lee, who was awarded third place in a very strong field for her entry ‘The Nature of Nature’  in the St Hilda’s College Oxford SciPo2019 Poetry Competition. Hunyi was invited to the College to collect her prize earlier this month.


The Nature of Nature
When you came to me with
questions simmering behind your eyes
and a quiver in your lip,
you followed me into the forest
to unearth the nature of nature.
It’s dark out here, I said. Watch your step,
for not all flowers bear fruit
and not all light remains true.
Listen to the breath of the leaves
but do not disrespect them.
Plant the seed, reap its crop:
taste it, savor it, how sharp and sweet and green.
Nourish and heal, watch it grow, take root,
but beware the spirits of the undergrowth;
they might not want you to leave.
Ponder the nature of nature; feel the lead heavy on your heart.
When your time is done and you rest in the earth,
will you not return to sustenance?
When all is but a memory of past and present and future,
will not the trees take back what was rightfully theirs?
So ask Mother Nature, when it’s quiet.
Seek the significance of your end.
Reveal to her your doubt and tell me which you dread more:
the echo or the answer?