Greg Baber-Williams is the Director of Sport and an Assistant Housemaster at Tower. His Theory Elements are; A2 Historical Studies, AS Socio-Cultural Studies and Year 11 GCSE PE.

I am exceptionally proud to be the new Director of Sport at Dean Close. Having been part of the community for over four years, I am aware just how vital a role sport plays in the development of our young men and women. My objective based on a foundation of sport for all, is to provide the platform to maximise the potential within the School, providing opportunities to play at the highest level possible, whether that be in the A, B, C or D teams. Winning national titles or developing elite individuals who may make a career in sport is hugely exciting and rewarding, but I am just as motivated by ensuring that every pupil can have the opportunity to be part of a team and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

As we look to build for a better sporting future it is of huge significance that we reflect on the past successes for motivation. Dean Close possesses a strong tradition of sporting success, it is our responsibility therefore in the here and now to ensure we uphold and improve our already strong name. I trust that you will have a good experience whilst at Dean Close and look forward to welcoming you in the future