As it is often bed time when the stars come out, there is not usually much time for pupils to spend time stargazing. However, Reception had an amazing experience when the stars and the solar system came to them when the ‘Wonderdome’ – a planetarium –  filled the Pre-Prep Hall as part of their wonderful topic on ‘Space’.

Excited children filed into the dome and then lying on the floor staring at the stars, the children were thrilled to learn about the different constellations and to practise spotting them in the night sky!   They were given some top tips for identifying the easier constellations, such as Orion the Hunter and Leo the Lion.  They also saw the twins, the crab and even a snake.

The pupils then learnt about the planets in our solar system. They discovered that there are eight planets as well as Pluto which is now known as a dwarf planet. Whilst in the planetarium they listened to a song which helped them remember some wonderful facts about the different planets.

The rest of the school were also delighted to be given the chance to enter the ‘Wonderdome’ and learn all about space, especially Year Twos who had been learning about the ‘Lunar Landings’. The Year Two children were able to experience the first lunar landing in 3D and emerged from the dome able to discuss the details and facts of this momentous and historic event in even more detail!