A truly out of this world event launched the DCPS end of year celebrations, with the Extravaganza this year entitled: Stargazing. Strauss’ dramatic opening, the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey, played by Senior Orchestra revealed a spectacular sight as the curtains slowly opened: glowing neon gymnasts, trampolining in time to the music and then to the theme from the Incredibles, with truly stunning tricks, flips andsomersaults.

Throughout the evening there were wonderful performances combining music with graceful dancing including, Senior Strings playing Life on Mars and Chamber Choir taking the audience down memory lane with Starmaker from Fame. Everyone was then transported to LA with a beautiful trio; Michael Lei (piano), Chloe Dunwell (violin) and Kitty Oxley (cello) playing City of Stars from La La Land, whilst Year 5 gymnasts astounded everyone with their strength and balance. Three of the best gymnasts (Corinna Clarkson, Caitlin Allen and James Chapman) balanced, cartwheeled and back-flipped to the popular swing version of the Star Wars theme, played by the Swing Band.



Both the Senior Choir and the Junior Forms were Reaching for the Stars in their songs, either in the famous S Club 7 version or a fantastic inspirational song by the younger members of the School. Interspersed throughout the concert were performances from our Year 8 Leavers who had excelled at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, including Lydia Coniam, Verity Moulding and India McNulty performing A Time to Kill, by L. Cowley. Mimi Gleeson also read the poem Silver, whilst accompanied by the DCPS Concert Band, performing together for the very first time.

The finale was a truly stunning performance of Defying Gravity from Wicked with Niamh Allen giving her final solo performance at DCPS after playing so many lead roles in the School’s productions. With a fantastic chorus of Niamh performing with friends, supported by an exceptional band whilst gymnasts and dancers twirled and spun, the ending to this magnificent show reached amazing heights!

Tim McVittie, Director of Music said, “We are so proud of all 240 performers on the stage this evening. They have produced an amazing show, one that demonstrates the very best of music, dance, drama and gymnastics at DCPS and what we can achieve when we all work together.”