Our intrepid Wilton Boardersspent an afternoonpreparing for a night under the stars. In teams, they helped to set up camp with tents, duvets, teddies and books. In the evening everyone sat around the fire pit, singing, chatting and eating delicious smores before falling asleep in the great outdoors.

The boarders woke the following day to glorious sunshine; with themorning dew still fresh on the grass they hurried down to the brook to check their wildlife’traps’ that had been set the night before.This involved spreading sand out in various locations and placing cat food in the middle as bait. The Boarders believe that there had been visits froma fox, abadger and a hedgehog.After a great deal of excitement and 24 hours of fresh air, everyone was ready forwell-deserved, hearty breakfast…What a wonderful weekend in Wilton!