Below you will find further information on:

  • Start of Year Plans for Year 3 pupils (Year 3 parents)

  • Start of Term Plans (all parents)

  • Michaelmas Term 2019 Calendar (all parents)

  • Term Dates (all parents)

  • Activities Programme (all parents)

  • Drama (all parents)

  • Parking (all parents)

  • Dean Close Choral Society (all parents)

  • Prayer Fellowship Dates (all parents)

  • Medical matters (all parents)

  • Parent Groups on Social Media (all parents)

  • Personal Items Brought into School (all parents)

  • Dean Close on the Internet (all parents)

  • Updating of parental details on the School’s Database (all parents)

General notices

Start of Year Plans for Year 3 pupils (Year 3 day parents)

On Tuesday 3rd September, all day pupils return to school. We anticipate the front of school being quite congested and quite understand how important it may be for new pupils to be escorted by their parent(s) into the school on the first day. All pupils in Year 3 should be brought to the atrium of the Centenary Hall, where their class teachers Mrs S. Ridsdale and Mrs J. Sheldon will be waiting to greet them at 8.15am.

By way of advanced warning, all the pupils from Year 3 to 8 should bring their games kit to school on Tuesday 3rd September.

On Friday 6th September all the school except Year 3 have a late games session. Therefore Year 3 may be picked up at 4.20pm from Yeaman House. Any pupils in Year 3 not picked up by 4.50pm will be taken to their respective day houses where they can be signed out form as normal.

Start of Term Plans (all parents)

Please click here to access important information about the start of term.

Michaelmas Term 2019 Calendar (all parents)

Please click here to access the calendar for Michaelmas Term 2019. Hard copies are also available from the Front Office.

Term Dates (all parents) 

Michaelmas Term 2019

Start of Term: Monday 2nd September – Boarders return by 6.00pm

Tuesday 3rd September – Day pupils return 8.15am

Exeat:              Friday 27th September (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 29th September

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Half Term:      Friday 18th October (1.00pm after House Cross-Country) – Sunday 3rd November

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Exeat:              Friday 22nd November (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 24th November

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

End of Term:  Friday 13th December (12.45pm after Carols by Candlelight)

Lent Term 2020

Start of Term: Monday 6th January – Boarders return by 6.00pm

Tuesday 7th January – Day pupils return 8.15am

Exeat:              Friday 24th January (4.00pm after House Swimming Gala) – Sunday 26th January

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Half Term:      Friday 14th February (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 23rd February

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Exeat:              Friday 6th March (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 8th March

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Please note this Exeat was not in the calendar, so please add to your calendar for this academic year.

End of Term:  Friday 27th March (12.45pm after Chapel)

Trinity Term 2020

Start of Term: Monday 20th April – Boarders return by 6.00pm

Tuesday 21st April – Day pupils return 8.15am

Exeat:              Thursday 7th May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 10th May

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

Half Term:      Friday 22nd May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 31st May

(Boarders return after 6.00pm)

End of Term:  Saturday 4th July (1.00pm, at the end of Speech Day)

Activities Programme (all parents)

Please click here to access a list of activities that pupils can choose to participate in. Please click here to access the activity grid that some parents prefer to use when viewing the activities on offer. Please take this opportunity to discuss possible activities that your child may wish to be part of. Pupils will make their choices after the Activities Fair on Wednesday 4th September.

Drama (all parents)


The Senior Production has been cast and scripts have been issued.  Please note that rehearsals will commence on Tuesday 3rd September (first day of term).  This particular rehearsal will be for the whole cast.  Weekly rehearsals will take place in the Centenary Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30 – 6.15pm.  Not all the cast will be required at every rehearsal and a detailed rehearsal schedule will be available before the start of term.

Your attention is drawn to two Sunday rehearsals – 3rd November for lead characters only, and 17th November which will involve the whole cast.  Please note that rehearsals take precedence over any clubs and activities.

Performance dates are Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November at 7.00pm.  Tickets will be available online via the Bacon Theatre booking website.

Please click here to access further information from Mrs L Lawrence.

Extracurricular Speech and Drama Lessons

A full term’s notice in writing to the Head of Department is required should a pupil wish to discontinue Speech and Drama Lessons.  This includes the end of the Trinity Term, as it is assumed that lessons will continue as normal at the beginning of every new academic year.

Extracurricular Speech and Drama lessons will start in the second week of term, the week commencing 9th September 2019.

Parking (all parents)

Thank you for your care in dropping off your child at the start of the school day.

We would like to remind you of the following:

  • Please use the drop off area outside the Centenary Hall where a member of staff will be happy to help your child out of the vehicle.
  • Please take care when getting in and out of cars with bags and equipment not to damage cars parked next to you.
  • Please refrain from parking your vehicle on the road outside the Fortfield boarding house as this causes vehicles to back up onto the Lansdown Road and also means that others find it difficult to park in the spaces opposite.
  • The speed limit in the school grounds is five miles per hour to ensure the safety of all of our community.
  • The safety of anyone on our site is of paramount importance. Therefore, the school asks that no one parks on the grass verge of the public highway outside the school drive or within 15 feet of a junction. Vehicles, so parked, can create other driver blind spots which could lead to an accident. This especially applies to the school exit onto Lansdown Road, the site of several previous collisions.
  • Please could all members of the school community be aware that there are marked disabled parking spaces at the front of the School. It is important that these are only used by registered disabled badge holders and it is most inconvenient if these spaces are blocked by other cars at anytime.
  • Please take care when exiting the school gates as pedestrians may be walking on the path.

We strongly recommend that cars do not turn right on to the Lansdown Road. This is a very busy road and there have been several previous collisions at this point. It also can cause long delays for other members of the public.

Dean Close Choral Society (all parents)

Dean Close Choral Society is recruiting adult singers now!  The Choral Society is open to everyone – parents past, present and future; staff, past and present; governors; Old Decanians – indeed, anyone connected or unconnected with the Schools.  There are no auditions, although being able to sing and read music is highly desirable, as well as availability to rehearse on Tuesdays for an hour from 7.00pm.

There will be eight rehearsals to learn Puccini’s ‘Messa di Gloria’ starting on Tuesday 5th November and continuing until 26th November and then, after a pause for Christmas, they will resume on 14th January for the remaining four rehearsals.  Our concert is in the Pittville Pump Room on Sunday 9th February, when Choral Society will take part in the Senior School’s Spring Concert.  Rehearsals are in the Prince Michael Hall, which is in the Senior School’s Music department building close to the Bacon Theatre.

Please come to along on 5th November if you would like to sing.  We are in particular need of sopranos and tenors, but all singers will be most welcome.  If you are intending to come along, please do let Sylvia Klemz, know so that there are enough copies available.

Prayer Fellowship Dates (all parents)

At Dean Close we believe in the importance of prayer in underpinning all that we are and do as a school. The Prayer Fellowship is therefore seen as an essential part of supporting and upholding the School.

The Prayer Fellowship is an informal gathering of parents from the Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Senior schools, who meet over coffee to pray for the whole School. Everyone is welcome to come along.

We meet from 8.30 – 9.30am at Dean Close House, for coffee followed by prayer.

Michaelmas Term dates:

Friday 13th September

Friday 27th September

Friday 11th October

Friday 8th November

Friday 22nd November

Friday 6th December

Any queries, please email our Parent Representative:

Medical matters (all parents)

Sickness ‘48 hour rule’

From time to time children are sick (vomit) either at home or at school. Unfortunately it is not possible to distinguish between the causes, and therefore it is essential that the same rule of exclusion applies in all cases of vomiting or diarrhoea. In the Health Protection Agency document, ‘Guidelines for the Control of Infection and Communicable Disease in School and Early Years Settings’, the guidance is:

Diarrhoea and Vomiting exclusion

Diarrhoea and / or vomiting commonly affects children and staff and can be caused by a number of different germs, including viruses, parasites and bacteria. Infections can be easily spread from person to person (by unwashed hands), especially in children. In general, it is recommended that any staff member or child with diarrhoea and/or vomiting symptoms must stay away or be excluded from the school or early years setting until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours (the ‘48 hour rule’) and feel well. Personal hygiene whilst ill must be very strict. If your child is sick at school, we will ask you or your emergency contact to take your child home. They should not return for 48 hours. We appreciate that this is inconvenient in many cases, and you may not believe your child is ill, but you will appreciate that we do this in all cases and it should reduce the risk of infection for all children in school.  As an example, if your child is sick at lunchtime on a Tuesday, they should not return to school until after lunch on Thursday, provided there have not been any further episodes of vomiting. Pupils should also not swim for a week after vomiting or diarrhoea. Thank you for your understanding with this.  Further guidance on infection control may be found on the Public Health England Website.

Nut and Seed Allergies

Please be aware that some pupils have serious nut and seed allergies. We would therefore ask that no food is brought into school or the boarding houses that contains nuts or seeds.

Medical Information

If your child’s medical or dietary needs have changed since entering the School please email the medical centre so that our records can be kept up-to-date.


Pupils with asthma must carry their own inhaler at all times. We also ask that a spare inhaler, which can be kept at School, is handed into the School Office on the first day of term.

Parent Groups on Social Media (all parents)

Please can we remind parents to be especially careful in what they choose to post on social media sites and parent group chats. We recognise the usefulness of such forums, but would impress upon the importance of retaining the anonymity of all those spoken about as well as any specific details of situations arising. As a school, we will take action when pupils’ well-being, performance and progress is effected by use of social media by pupils, but we cannot manage parental use of it and so seek your cooperation in this area.

If you read or see information of concern to you, please come and talk with us at school.

Personal Items Brought into School (all parents)

All Houses are fully resourced with games for pupils to play and there are also numerous soft balls provided for pupils to play with at break-times and lunchtimes. We actively encourage pupils to play with these resources, but recognise that some pupils prefer to play quieter and less active games. Therefore, Match Attack / Pokemon cards (and similar type cards), and any other toys brought into school from home have historically provided an alternative source of entertainment.

We constantly reiterate to pupils that they have to be prepared for the possibility that their cards or toys may, in certain circumstances, become mislaid or damaged. The School will not take responsibility for these circumstances but will assist, when time allows, in resolving any potential conflict situations.

If any toys or cards are found in lessons and become a hindrance to teaching and learning, they will be confiscated immediately.

In certain situations, it is appropriate for a very small minority of children to have an object to hold that helps them to concentrate if it has been specifically suggested by the Learning Support Department.

Dean Close on the Internet (all parents)

If you don’t currently follow Dean Close on Facebook, we strongly encourage you to visit our page where we post lots of news, photos, videos and details of upcoming events.  The page link is

Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter: @DeanCloseSchool; or even Instagram: @deanclose_prepschool

Updating of parental details on the School’s Database (all parents)

The School Office needs to ensure that all details held on the database are up-to-date and comprehensive. The information is held confidentially within School so that we can contact you quickly if there is ever an emergency and to comply with our legal obligations.

Please click here to access the fom to advise the school of any amendments or additions, including any other information you feel is important to share with the School’s staff (e.g. serious allergies, etc.). Please check mobile telephone numbers and email addresses as these can change more frequently than other contact details.  If you live overseas, we also need the details of your child’s UK guardian.  Please hand in this sheet to the School Office as soon as possible, or email Mrs Smith at