It gives us great pleasure to welcome back those of you who are existing parents and guardians, and indeed those of you who are joining Dean Close for the first time.  

This Weekly Mailing provides the Portal which will give you information about forthcoming events, trips and excursions, reminders about dress code, policies, and a host of other exciting news. I trust that you will find this helpful. 

We try to limit the amount of email traffic to parents for obvious reasons, but this Weekly Mailing is a valuable source of information so do please endeavour to read through it. 

This weekend sees the end of the Quarantine session for a group of our overseas boarders and the arrival of our new overseas boarders from the travel corridor countries. Our quarantine pupils have shown tremendous fortitude and always have ready smiles for those that are passing by. 

There will be an important Mailing for Pupils on Sunday 6 September. They should keep an eye out for this in their Office 365 mailbox.

Sadly, we are not able to host any Parent Receptions at this time. Please see the Start of Term Arrangements below for more detail of next week’s programme.


Information: Operations & Logistics

Information: Academic Guidance for Pupils

Information: Co-Curricular

Information: Pastoral & Health Guide

Information: Spiritual Provision


Start of Term Arrangements: Final Details

Shape of the Week


Start of Term – Reminder (SUMMARY) 

Please see below for the information relating to the start of term for each of the individual year groups: 

Upper Sixth (Year 13) & 5th Form (Year 11) 

When: Boarders: Sunday 6 September from 4-6pm 

Day pupils: Monday 7 September at 8.20am 

Location: House Rooms 

Dress code: Suits for 6th Form, School Uniform for 5th Form (ties are optional until Exeat) 


Lower Sixth (Year 12) & Remove (Year 10)  

When: Boarders: Monday 7 September from 4-6pm 

Day pupils: Tuesday 8 September at 8.20am 

Location: House Rooms 

Dress code: Suits for 6th Form, School Uniform for Remove (ties are optional until Exeat) / Sports Kit for Games lessons 


Fourth Year (Year 9)  

When: Boarders: Tuesday 8 September from 4-6pm 

Day pupils: Wednesday 9 September at 8.20am 

Location: House Rooms 

Dress code: Normal School Uniform (ties are optional until Exeat) 


Day Pupil Drop Off

  • Pupils need to be on site by 8.20am
  • As many pupils as possible are urged to walk or cycle to school
  • Drop off is via Estates Drive (POST CODE: GL51 6EP), no drop off on Shelburne Road please
  • There is a turning circle in Front of the Music School (see below) and we urge pupils to exit vehicles as quickly as they can please.
  • Sports Hall Drive is NOT a drop off option for Senior pupils


Michaelmas Term Calendar 

Pupils will be issued with instructions on how to upload the School Calendar to their mobile devices. The Calendar is also available online via our website, and this is where we will publish any updates and amendments throughout the course of the year.  

For those parents who are wanting to upload the School Calendar to smart phones, google calendar or similar, you are able to use the following URL: 

Term dates for rest of the academic year can be found by following this LINK! It is important to note that we may need to be flexible at the end of the Trinity Term in order to accommodate any changes to the Public Examination schedule when issued by the Government. 


Bags for all Lower School Pupils  

All pupils in the Lower School (Fourth, Remove & Fifth) are required to use a bag to carry their books to and from lessons. Pupils can purchase their own bag, but it must be dark in colour, free from large logos and provide some protection from the weather. The bag only needs to be big enough to carry work for up to three subjects at a time, anything much bigger will encourage overloading. We are hoping that this will facilitate better organisation and fewer lost books and folders. 


Water Bottles 

In order to help maintain hygiene, each pupil will be required to bring their own named water bottle to school, which they can refill at the various filling stations around the site. 


Connecting to the School IT Services 

Pupils who are wanting to prepare themselves early can follow the instructions on the attached sheet to login to the school email system on Office 365, iSAMS Student App and prepare their devices to connect to the School WiFi by downloading the Secure Certificate. Staff will be on hand to assist pupils with this process once they arrive, so it is not essential to do this before arriving but will save time.


Parent Portal & iSAMS Parents App 

Please see attached, the detailed instructions for logging into the Parent Portal and subsequent use of the iSAMS Parent App. This gives instant access from your mobile device to a great deal of information about your child’s daily activities at school, including their timetable, reports and sanctions, if they have any. 

If you are a new parent to Dean Close and have not received an email detailing your Registration details to the Parent Portal, which looks like the attached document, then do please contact our Database Manager on 

For existing parents, please use your normal login details associated with your Parent Portal Account. 


House Contact Details – Pastoral Care 

Please see below the details for contacting the House and Housemaster (HsM) or Housemistress (HsM) by mobile phone and email. 

There will be four main channels of communication: 

  1. House mobile phone  
  2. Housemaster or housemistress mobile phone 
  3. House email address 
  4. Housemaster or housemistress email address by surname. 

The numbers and email addresses are as follows: 

House  HsM Phone  HsM email 
Brook Court / Rowan  07341 885046  
Fawley / Lime  07469 140351 
Gate / Yew  07469 140585  
Shelburne / Oak  07884 666218  
Tower / Willow  07486 289452  
Turner / Pine  07884 667534  
Dale / Beech  —–  bpprice@deanclose.or.guk 
Field / Hawthorn  —–  
Hatherley / Alder  —–  
Mead / Elm  —– 
Juniper (U6th Day)  —– 
House  House Phone  House email 
Brook Court / Rowan  07884 667292  
Fawley / Lime  07884 667287  
Gate / Yew  07884 667294  
Shelburne / Oak  07884 667293  
Tower / Willow  07884 666192  
Turner / Pine  07884 667295  
Dale / Beech  07584 356954  
Field / Hawthorn  07825 413580  
Hatherley / Alder  07825 214315  
Mead / Elm  07469 159824  
Juniper (U6th Day)  tbc 

If you have any questions or require further clarification about any aspect of Pastoral Care please contact the relevant HsM, or Mrs Davis (Deputy Head – Pastoral) on 

Please see below the Post Codes for the various Boarding Houses: 


It is very important to note that Dean Close School is a NUT and Sesame Free School. Our catering staff stick fastidiously to very strict guidelines, which can be compromised when pupils bring nut products onto the school site. If you have any queries in this regard please do not hesitate to contact the Health Centre on 


Leave of Absence Requests 

Any request for Leave of Absence during term time needs to be submitted to the Deputy Headmaster ( via the Housemaster, well in advance. Leave is only granted in exceptional circumstances as any absence from lessons, places additional pressure on the pupils to catch up on work that they have missed.  


Sports Sessions – Tuesday 8 September 

All Remove pupils have Games in Period 2 and 3 on Tuesday morning as part of the Curriculum, so it is important that they bring the appropriate kit into School. 

All the Fifth and Sixth Form pupils have Games on Tuesday afternoon, so they too need to bring their appropriate kit to School. 


Road Safety 

Parents are asked to remind their sons and daughters that, when they are crossing Shelburne Road and Lansdown Road in particular, they should always cross at the pedestrian crossing. 


Pupils Driving Into School – 6th Form Only 

In order for us to ensure the safety of all our pupils, it is essential that we obtain certain details. If your son or daughter intends to drive to School in the near future, we would be grateful if you could carefully read the attached letter and then complete and return the proforma provided at your earliest convenience to the Front Office. We really appreciate your assistance in this regard. 


Mouthguard Fitting 

At Dean Close, gum shields are compulsory items when your son or daughter is playing rugby and hockey. This year we are not able to host Opro on site to do mouthguard fittings, but if you would like for your son or daughter to have a new mouthguard from Opro using their home fitting service, please see the attached flyer for further details. If you have any questions please contact Mr Baber-Williams at 


The Week Ahead 

CLICK HERE to access the Live School Calendar. 

If you have any queries or comments, please contact