It gives me great pleasure to welcome back those of you who are existing parents and guardians and indeed those of you who, like me, are joining Dean Close for the first time. It has been an exciting week, with all the staff members in school preparing for the return of our pupils. We have also had some of the boys and girls in school this week honing their skills on the rugby and hockey pitches in preparation for the new seasons.

Over the summer there has been an enormous amount of work done around the Campus to improve the facilities for the pupils and I trust that your sons and daughters will enjoy the benefit of all of this work. There were also a large number of school trips to lots of exciting places and there will be more information about this on the website in due course.

This year, we will be sending out a Weekly Mailing which will give you information about forthcoming events, trips and excursions, reminders about dress code, policies and a host of other exciting news. I trust that you will find this helpful and will allow you to go back and refer to previous mailings and information.

Start of Term

Please see below for the information relating to the start of term for each of the individual year groups:

Upper Sixth (Year 13)

When: Tuesday 6 September at 8.15am

Location: House Rooms

Dress code: Suits

Lower Sixth (Year 12)

When: Sunday 4 September at 6.00pm – Reception followed by Headmaster’s Welcome and Dinner

Location: Tower Lawn (next to the Dining Room)

Dress code: Suits

Fifth Year (Year 11)

When: Tuesday 6 September at 8.15am

Location: House Rooms

Dress code: Normal School Uniform

Remove (Year 10)

When: Tuesday 6 September at 8.15am

Location: House Rooms

Dress code: Normal School Uniform

Fourth Year (Year 9)

When: Monday 5 September at 12.00pm (Midday)

Location: House Rooms for House Receptions for Pupils and Parents

Dress code: Normal School Uniform and sports kit for the afternoon sports session

In addition:

  • All NEW pupils in Remove and the Fifth Year are required to arrive on Monday at 12.00pm and report to the House Rooms for the Reception for new Pupils and Parents, followed by the Headmaster’s Welcome.
  • All Lower Sixth are required to report to House Rooms at 10.30 on Monday 5 September. The NEW Lower Sixth will report to the Bacon Theatre for 10.40am and All Lower Sixth are to report to the Bacon Theatre for 11.00am.
  • Please can all Lower Sixth ensure that they bring a clean pair of indoor trainers on Monday for the Team Building Session, which will take place in the Sports Hall.
  • All current boarders return on Monday 5 September at 6.00pm.

Leave of Absence Requests

Any request for Leave of Absence during term time needs to be submitted to the Deputy Headmaster ( via the Housemaster well in advance. Leave is only granted in exceptional circumstances as any absence from lessons, places additional pressure on the pupils to catch up on work that they have missed.

Sports Sessions – Tuesday 6 September

All the Fifth and Sixth Form pupils have Sport on Tuesday afternoon as part of the Curriculum, so it is important that they bring the appropriate kit into School on the very first day of term.

Michaelmas Term Calendar

Pupils will be given a hard copy of the calendar at the start of term, and parents will have received a copy of the Calendar earlier in the summer. The Calendar is also available online and this is where we will publish any updates and amendments throughout the course of the term, if indeed there are any. Term dates for rest of the academic year have also been published in this calendar along with the provisional dates for 2017/2018.

Bus Safety

Parents are asked to remind their sons and daughters that, when they are using buses and coaches, they should cross at a pedestrian crossing or wait until the coach has departed from the stop to ensure that they have full sight of other traffic.

I trust that your sons and daughters will have a happy and constructive year.