In fifth form lessons this half term the Drama department have been studying Verbatim theatre which is a form of documentary style theatre in which scripts are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic. The pupils watched the recent examples of Unprecedented by Headlong Theatre and part of I Told My Mum I was Going on an R.E. Trip by 20 Stories High (both available on BBC iPlayer) and discussed how the pieces were constructed.

The group practised editing with a particularly dull conversation recorded between Mrs Massey and her sister! Then discussed the topic of their lockdown experience for a potential piece of original devised Drama. They decided that in order to cover a wider range of topics (and in order to protect anonymity) to use fictional characters in the style of Verbatim Theatre. The pupils recorded a piece of completely improvised speech as their specified character and then produced a transcript of their spoken words. As a class, working in groups, they edited and honed their scripts and after a short lesson on acting to camera, they went away to record their final pieces. Those recordings were edited together, and the result is the short film ‘Stay Home’ recounting their version of the teenage experience of lockdown. It is a piece of which we are all very proud.