Year 3 pupilsenjoyed an exciting evening in our enchanting Forest School, staying untilit was almost darkto learn all about the plants and animals that live in the woodland, whilst enjoying some fabulous activities.

With magnifying glasses and trowels they hunted for mini-beasts, dug in the digging pits, identified plants and trees and listened to the songs of different birds. They also made charcoal pencils from sticks of elder and bird feeders using pipe cleaners and Cheerios.As the light began tofade theycooked dampners, which are delicious dough treats, on an open fire with sticks they had whittled themselves and decorated a young oak tree with ribbons for May

Year 3teacher,Louise Hunt said . “Staying late in the Forest School is a new initiative in the
PrepSchool calendar and one will definitely be repeating. Children love exploring nature and
discovering all it has to offer. Activities like toasting marshmallows on an open fire create
memories that last a lifetime; we are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful resource on the
School grounds”.

Pupils and staffalso atetheir tea in the Forest School and stay until 8.30pm, when, after
somuchfresh air everyone was ready for bed.