In the final week of term, all the children have loved performing in our play, ‘Summer Safari’, and amazed us all with their poise and confidence on stage – even our little Squirrel Kittens at the age of 2! I feel it is so important that children develop their confidence from an early age, so that even those who naturally find it more of a challenge, can stand on stage in front of an audience and enjoy being part of a performance – contributing to a successful production! The smiles and excitement of all our young performers when they bow at the end of the play speak volumes!

On our last day of termfriends, family, staff and of coursemost importantly pupilswill celebrate the successes of the year ina special celebration assembly in the marquee.There will beperformances from our Year Two recorder players, the Pre-Prep choir and the Squirrel Strings.Everyone willremember exciting events of the year, such as the school performances andour excitingWOW Days and we willrecallindividual successes, celebrating steps the children have made intheir own learning journeys. All the children have made wonderful progress in the year – and sometimesit is easy toforget how important these seemingly small steps are. Each step is significant and part of their exciting educational development – for example, ‘small steps’ in learning phonics will lead to huge strides when blending and then reading! We are all so proud of all our little Squirrels – in particular our Year Two leavers, who will take a lead part in the assembly as they say farewell to the Pre-Prep and take big strides to the Prep School! We are sad to see them go but delighted that they are ready and poised for their next adventure in learning!

As we leave behind the busy-ness of school life for this academic year, I challengethe childrento take some new steps during the holiday! Perhaps try a new sport, activity or hobby, practise lots of reading, become an author by writing a story or research some amazing facts? I can’t wait to hear aboutwhat theyhave done in the holidays when we return in September and to find out all abouttheir exciting new steps and adventures!