Thursday April 26th 2018 Classical Association

We were delighted to welcome Professor Alison Sharrock of Manchester University to DCS to talk about the Roman love elegist, Ovid. Ovid’s Amores is an A level set text and the scholars gained a great deal of insight into Ovid’s humorous subversion of the genre of love poetry as a consequence of Professor’s Sharrock’s focus on the woman, the poet and the reader in his work.

6th Form Symposium Thursday May 3rd 2018

Once again we were treated to a wonderful Greek-styled meal on top table: chicken kebabs, a Greek salad with more than a sprinkling of Feta cheese and yoghurt with honey for pudding! This fortified, we retired to the department where our 6th Form Classicists were treated to a series of eclectic talks on Cannibalism in the ancient world, the myth of Leda and the Swan in poetry and art and Drugs and Hallucinogens in the Graeco-Roman world! There are plenty of the latter in Homer’s Odyssey and, indeed, in Virgil’s Aeneid.

Classics Department trip to the British Museum: The Auguste Rodin Exhibition Tuesday June 26th 2018

One of the most radical artists of the modern era, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) drew energy and inspiration from the art of Ancient Greece. He never actually visited Greece but the British Museum, instead, became his spiritual home as he formed a lasting passion for the Parthenon Sculptures. Rodin’s Iris, messenger of the gods, is a perfectly realised study of movement and energy.