Summer time was thetheme for the first ever Year 6Bake Off challenge. Baking in the Dean CloseCookery School, in pairs,the pupils’brief was to bake 12 beautiful cupcakes, decorate them and a cake presentation box.

Initially, thechildren attended an introductory workshop where they were shown how to make the cupcakes and all the different types of decorations they could use, such as; creating flowers and decorations from fondant icing, piping with butter icing, making glacé icing and using handfuls of 100s & 1000s. The high energy Bake Off took place the following week, the children only had only 90 minutes to prepare, bake, decorate their cakes and clean their work stations.

Pupil, Isabella Harris said, “I absolutely love baking, it was so much fun to be able to do it
atschool with my friends. I was very proud of our vanilla cupcakes, we decorated them withasummer beach scene and piped the word summer on them, they looked really pretty
andtasted delicious.”

Maria Taylor, Head of the Dean Close Cookery School said, “The children did fantastically
well, they listened carefully to the brief and took to the challenge; there are some very
talented chefs amongst them. Not only did the children have a great deal of fun, the
exercise helped them develop their team building, listening and creativity skills and most
importantly encouraged them to work independently.”

The cupcakes were judged the following day by the Headteachers from each of the three schools. In a Bake Off style ceremony, pupils were given feedback and the runners-up and winners announced. Congratulations to Cameron Stephens and his partner Freddie Logan who won with their beautiful gold cupcake designs.