This year our summer show at the end of June took us into the depths of the ocean for an underwater adventure! The show told the quest of a little starfish, Stella, helped by her two human friends, Jess and Jack. The starfish had lost her family after being swept away by a huge wave and she was found sad and all alone on the beach by the children who were having fun in the rockpools. Magically, they travelled into the ocean to help Stella find her family – asking for help from lots of fishy friends – jellyfish, squid, whales, clownfish, the colourful rainbow fish and dolphins on the way! They even met up with some scary sharks and grumpy turtles – who fortunately turned out to be very friendly and helpful!

In the end Stella’s family was found by a shipwreck and a joyful reunion ensued – cheered on by the whole cast of friends in the ocean!