The Pre-Prep pupils have decided to raise money to support the charity Guide Dogs, aiming to support a puppy through her training to becoming a guide dog! To do this they held a ‘Senses’ charity day – dressing in home clothes, making funky glasses and bringing in some money to donate to Guide Dogs. The day started by meeting ‘Wendy’ (a puppy who is going to become a Guide Dog), Emily (her puppy-walker) and Mrs Viv Jones, the area fundraiser for Guide Dogs. Wendy was very well-behaved in our assembly!

The rest of the day was full of exciting fun-filled science experiments all about our ‘senses’ with a team from ‘Mad Science’ in to lead the fun. The children were treated to workshops in their classes and an amazing show for the whole school! It was a fantastic way to start the year – every child was involved in exciting, practical experiments and learnt a lot about their senses! It also linked in very well with our fundraising for Guide Dogs and understanding why they are needed.

At Dean Close helping others is an important part of our ethos and it was wonderful to start the term on such a positive and exciting note. I am delighted that we have raised enough money (£300) to support a class of puppies through their training for 2 years. We will be getting regular updates about the puppies and we look forward to learning all about them!