The weather was so fantastic in the Trinity Term it created the perfect setting for Year 4’s annual ‘Supper in the Sticks’. 50 children and staff joined together in Forest School to prepare their own food in their woodland kitchen.

The menu:

Quesadillas with caramelised onions and peppers
French bread pizzas
Bananas stuffed with chocolate
Marshmallow smores
Fruit cobbler with squirty cream

The children enjoyed every moment of their extended session in the great outdoors, with many arriving with very clear ideas about what they wanted to achieve – Forest School is THE place for child lead learning! Some chose to explore the paths which cut through the giant cow parsley, others made a charcoal pencil with an elder stick, whilst several enjoyed creatinghanging habitats for mini-beasts.

As dusk arrived there was an unexpected visitor (a fox) who enjoyed scavenging any dropped morsels of food and the children experienced how important it is to be careful around a wild animal when sharing their habitat. The closing minutes were spent listening to the birds begin their final concert of the day and then the hiss of the enormous fire as it was put out.