Year 4 have really enjoyed their regular visits to Forest School this year, complementing their classroom learning with outdoorexperiences.Afinal celebration took place in June, when 34 children stayed until twilight for’Supper in the Sticks’. The children had to prepare their own meal in a woodland kitchen before cooking everything on an enormous open fire.

On the menu was deliciousFrench bread pizzas with pepperoni and mozzarella toppings andtastyquesadillas stuffed with caramelised vegetables and cheese, followed by bananas stuffed with chocolate. Meanwhile, in a huge Dutch oven a mixed fruit crumble was left to cook, with coals laid onthe lid and hidden below the pan, heating the ‘pud’ to
the perfect temperature. Everyone had a taste and some of the children added a swirl of squirty cream, for good measure.

The meal wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory toasted marshmallow, for
whichthe children hadwhittledtheir ownsticks.Everyone had more than enough
to eat beforewanderingback across the field, withthe sun sinkingbehind the
trees. What a wonderful evening, hopefully creating some special Forest School
memories for years to come – being in Year 4 is great!