The Year Two children had an amazing time at their annual swimming gala. All the children swam very well, swimming front crawl, back crawl and some even tried the challenging butterfly stroke.

Fourteen of the children competing managed to win at least one race, some of them breaking school records! Everyone was presented with a medal at the end of the gala byMrs Emma Taylor, The Warden of the Dean Close Foundation and MrsKathryn Carden, The Chair of the Governors of The Dean Close Foundation.

After the gala everyone enjoyed a well deserved match tea in the school dining room.

The results were as follows:

Front crawl 1 length – Milly Brierley-Jones

Back stroke 1 length – Charlie Parker-Thomas

Front crawl 1 width – Jasper Holden

Developing Butterfly 1 width – Milly Brieley-Jones

Back stroke 1 width leg kick – Fenella Cradock

Back stroke 1 width leg kick using a float – Tom Beech

Front crawl 1 width leg kick using a float – Lincoln Robb