Talks@ is a wonderful opportunity for our Year 6, 7 and 8 pupils to meet interesting people from all walks of life, and hear them talk about relevant, exciting and challenging issues in the world around them.

The most recent Talks@ lecture was held today by Polar Explorer, Alex Hibbert. Pupils and parents were invited to hear the story of Alex’s plight through the unforgiving Arctic. Alex gave a riveting presentation about a specific exploration in 2013. The exploration project was prepared to go ahead with a new team, all of the preparation and backing of external sponsors, but despite good health, the project was cancelled after arrival due to adverse ice conditions in the northern Nares Strait. Not wanting to let his team down after all of the preparation from everyone before the project, Alex decided to stay in the Arctic anyway and create his own, safer adventure. They remained in the Qaanaaq region of the High Arctic and integrated with the local Inughuit, driving over 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) with a pack of large Thule dogs that Alex and his team had trained only weeks before.

Our pupils were blown away by Alex’s adventures, and were is awe of his strength, dedication and persistence, even when the odds were against him and his team. The children were very excited to have the opportunity to ask questions to Alex after his presentation in the hall, and Alex responded with great energy and enthusiasm, and pulling no punches on how tough it can sometimes get for an Arctic explorer.  Alex very happily stayed behind afterwards to sign copies of his book and to answer and further questions that the children, or parents, may have had.

This Talks@ was a wonderful opportunity for DCPS pupils to understand more about the life of an explorer, and to understand the commitment, dedication and sacrifices that it takes to fulfil future goals and dreams.

We may well see a few budding future explorers coming from DCPS!