Last weekend was the annual Ten Tors Challenge, and a well-trained Year 10 team headed off to Dartmoor, representing the School’s Combined Cadet Force.

This huge event, established in 1960, had around 2000 young people striving to complete 35, 45 or 55 mile routes over two days. Run by 1 Artillery Brigade and supported by the Royal Navy and RAF, the Commander Land Forces, Lt GenJames Everard, was on hand to set the teams off.

Starting at 7am on Saturdaythe team, consisting of Toby Hitchins (Capt), Matthieu Berbinau, William Bunker, Issy Montgomery, Alexia Morris and Jonny Woods, pitted themselves against the moor to cover 35 gruelling miles in under 34 hours. During this time they had to be self-sufficient, only checking into specific locations at predefined Tors on the moor. Their pace, enthusiasm and navigation skills ensured they had completed 7 of the 10 tors by cut the off point on the Saturday evening. This meant they had a good shot at completing the event in good time.

They came into sight of Okehampton Training Camp and the finish line to be greeted by thousands of well-wishersat 1200hrs on Sunday,sore but in good form. They were presented with a certificate and medal for their efforts. The aches and pains gained over the weekend willease over the next few days, but the pride and satisfaction in completing the challenge will stay with each of them for a very long time.