Over half term the History Department took its GCSE pupils to France and Belgium to visit the Battlefields of the World War One. The trip, designed to complement and support their studies, provided the opportunity to visit various sites and battlefields in the Somme and Ypres region. Over three days the group visited sites from some of the major conflicts in the Western Front, walked the battlefields themselves, visited cemeteries and memorials to get a sense of the scale of the conflict, explored restored and historic trenches, and even did a bit of dressing up and handling of First World War equipment! Most movingly, the group located the graves and memorials of a number of their relatives, some in well-known locations, such as Thiepval Memorial, and others in less visited and rather hidden away locations. In addition the tour used the Dean Close book “We will remember them” (Revd Whitney’s survey of ODs who died in the two world wars) to visit and pay their respects to a number of former pupils who died in the war. All told, the trip will certainly have enhanced and furthered the pupils’ understanding of their GCSE course, but most importantly it provided a timely opportunity to engage with and reflect upon the legacy of the war.