Reception had a super start to their new topic ‘The Bear Necessities’ with a Teddy Bears’ Picnic! Unfortunately due to the British weather the picnic took place in the school hall, with artificial grass, wooden logs and lots of teddies it felt like the real thing!

Earlier in the week, the children had brought their teddies into school and everyone enjoyed getting to know them and writing teddy bear name tags for the teddies to wear at the picnic.

The children were
thrilled to make their
own sandwiches to eat
later on. They
learnt how to use a knife
to spread the butter and
then added a filling of
their choice: jam, honey or cheese. Everyone enjoyed eating them with some teddy bear
crisps and yummy biscuits!

After they had eaten, the children played lots of teddy bear games with the parachute.
Agreat time was had by all the children, staff and teddy bears!