On Friday 13th November 2020, we had our best Astronomy lesson ever. We had the opportunity to use the Faulkes Telescope in Hawaii, here are a few pictures to show you what the telescope looks like and its location.

This was our first opportunity to use the telescope so we were unsure as to how the telescope was going to work. We were given a 30min window to operate the telescope. Mr Jones looked at a Star Map for Hawaii at 15:00 UT (GMT) so that we had a rough idea which constellations were in the nights’ sky.

We also had a copies of the Messier Objects printed off so that we could quickly reference what the images might look like. The Messier Objects are a collation of Nebula, Spiral Galaxies and Clusters etc. that the French astronomer Charles Messier created when he was searching for comets in 1774.

We then selected the objects we wanted to view and selected these on the software for the telescope, which then targeted the object and took an image for us. At one point the lesson seemed more like a stock market with the children bidding for different objects. We took many images with different coloured filters on the images, these images have been joined together to create colour image of the objects.