The Choristers were warmly welcomed alongside ten other choir schools to Salisbury Cathedral for a Choir Schools’ Association Sports Day and to sing evensong together.

Football isn’t one of the major sports at Dean Close, so for the Choristers to play as part of a regional tournament was both challenging and great fun. They did exceptionally well, finishing 3rd in their group and 5th overall. Every member of the team worked exceptionally hard, improving with each match they played. Highlights included a barraging run from Zach Brooks and some superb visionary passing from Cassian Pichler-Roca. Tom Bowen led the line with some great finishing and was extremely unlucky to be denied by the post not once, but twice! Tom Elwes put in somevaliant performances in goal and the opposition’s chances were thwarted by some vital last-ditch defending from Sebastian Till. It was wonderful to see them really having a go and enjoying themselves!

After an exhausting afternoon of sport all 130 children joined together to sing a beautiful
evensong in Salisbury Cathedral.

Pupil, Jason Perry enthused, “It was wonderful to visit another fantastic cathedral. We
really enjoyed singing with many other brilliant choristers from the South West.”

Chorister Tutor, Mr Theo Perry said, “Itwas inspiring to see just what children and young
adults are capable of achieving together – the level of music-making from 130 choristers
with such little rehearsal time as a group was exceptional.”