Gallopingto the finish line,budding jockey Paddy Clarkson, aged13, and his chestnut mare
Tally Ho Tina are enjoying a very successful pony racing season.

Paddy won at the Cheltenham race meet,was third at the Andoversford Point to Point and
then first at the following Andoversford meet.

Paddy said, “Pony racing is so exhilarating, we go so fast! You also have to be really fit to
stand in the stirrups for long periods of time, doing so much sport at Dean Close helps to
keep me strong. I am really lucky to have Tally Ho Tina, she really wants to win…and so

Pony racing is held at both Point to Point events andmeetings such as Cheltenham races.
Riders can be aged 9-15, boys and girls. Racesare run over the flat and ponies cannot be
morethan 14.2.Jockeys wear full racing silks(kit) and saddles.