The Upper Sixth

Dean Close School
Dress rehearsal of The Importance of being Earnest.
Picture by Mikal Ludlow Photography
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Drama Scholars decided some time ago that, Covid or No Covid, come hell or high water, they were going to put on a top-class, copper-bottomed production. And so they did. Wilde’s masterpiece fitted their number and their casting beautifully, and they gave two stylish (and definitely not sincere) performances to a socially distanced crowd in the Bacon Theatre – the intended venue of the Tuckwell sadly being rained off. This was a classy, polished and appropriate farewell to pupils who have served the department well over the years – and had been cruelly deprived of showing off their skills in the last 18 months. We say farewell to Grace and Ethan (both Heads of Drama), and Matt, Lily, Tom, Beth, Sydney and Georgie. This was an absolutely top-hole cast and performance, of the kind that only experienced and talented drama scholars can give: we wish them all well and send them off with Oscar’s witticisms ringing in their ears and memories.