One of the great delights of teaching at this time of year is sharing the wonder and joy of Christmas with the children! School is full of excitement, glitter and fun as we prepare for the festivities to come (making lots of cards and presents!) and share some wonderful Christmas moments together. The children are full of anticipation for all that Christmas will bring – especially in the form of presents – and of course they have all been writing their list for Father Christmas!

However, it is also so important that we remember the joy of giving at this special time of year – especially as we have so much and are so lucky. In our assemblies this week we have thought about why we give presents, starting from the wonderful gift of Jesus that very first Christmas. We have also focused on the joy of giving presents – how it makes those receiving presents feel but also how it makes us feel when we are the givers and see the happiness it brings.

This week, for example, the Year Twos became my ‘elves’ in assembly and helped me by giving each member of staff a little chocolate present to say thank you – they all agreed they loved being the givers and it made them feel very happy! This week we have also held a special ‘mufti’ day to give towards two charities – Hamper Scamper – who give hampers with presents and food to needy families in Gloucestershire – and the ‘Little Princess Trust’ – who give wigs made from donated hair to very ill children suffering from cancer. All the children were very happy to bring in a donation and be able to give ‘presents’ to these children in need. Our final assembly included a very unusual gift indeed – Mrs Winchcombe, our Nursery teacher, donated her hair for the ‘Little Princess Trust’ and had two long plaits cut off in assembly to give to this charity! The children were very excited about this present and also impressed with her smart new haircut.

We have really enjoyed our assemblies and thinking of the many different ways we can give – so I wish you all a very happy, joyful Christmas full of the joy of giving!